Biology Students Inheret Atheism from the Father of Lies

In public schools across the country, biology classes are leading innocent students astray from the Word of the Lord. Absurd claims are made that confuse children about God’s Word, causing them to sin through atheism, drugs and fornication. It’s possible that the teachers aren’t to blame, having themselves been ensnared by a fiendish idea masquerading as science. We all know the name of the 19th century scientist behind all this: Gregor Mendel. His atheistic theory of Genetics is poisoning the youth of today against God’s Truth.

Mendelists claim that everyone’s “genetic traits” are “inherited” from their parents. Oh yeah? Then how do they explain that sometimes children have different eye color than their parents? They cannot. Only God can be the source of this. You see, the Geneticists try to teach this theory in science class, despite having no irrefutable evidence. You know what that sounds like? Religion! They want our children to join their atheist religion. But Geneticism is a false religion. And I have the proof:

You see, back in the Bible days, Abraham’s grandson Jacob was trying to cheat his father-in-law out of sheep since his father-in-law made him work for seven years in the field to marry his daughter Rachel, but on the wedding night his father-in-law sent in Rachel’s sister Leah, who was wearing a veil at the time, so Jacob actually got married to Leah and had to work in the field for seven more years to marry Rachel for real. Jacob made a deal with his father-in-law to work as his shepherd and, as payment, requested all the speckled sheep that were born. Since speckled sheep are rare, Jacob’s father-in-law agreed. So, whenever the sheep were mating, Jacob would put a speckled stick in front of the female sheep so the offspring would turn out speckled. In this manner, Jacob cheated his father-in-law out of sheep just as he cheated Jacob out of work by tricking him into actually marrying the sister of the girl he intended to marry.

As you can plainly see, this proves that what a female looks at during conception is what leads to physical traits in offspring. It has been empirically proven in the Bible. I urge any of you who are members of school boards to bring this issue forth. We must not lose our children to the evils of Mendelism.


~ by norealname on December 12, 2008.

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