What’s in a name? that which we call a presidential candidate…

By now, many months into the presidential campaigns, we know the basic policies of the two major contenders fairly well. We have been shown policies, stances, voting records and even tax returns. Yet, there is something even more substantial that the public should be looking at than petty platforms; that is, names. More specifically, the name of one of the candidates which brings forth feelings of visceral hatred and disgust: McCain.

Yes, McCain. Just the name itself elicits thoughts of the hated Irish; thoughts of dirty, unwashed micks drunkenly stumbling though our streets while violently swinging their rosaries; thoughts of those useless immigrants crowding our cities, eating our food and getting into fights while shouting Papist nonsense about the Virgin Mary. Some may say that dwelling on the name McCain is not sound political argument, but instead of using logic think about this: John McCain may be a secret member of the Irish Republican Army who is attempting to get back at America for supporting Britain. Presidential candidate John McCain could be a dirty drunken Irish terrorist. Sound reasoning isn’t so important now that you’re gripped by illogical fear and distrust, is it? That is why, come November, you should not base your vote on the issues, but rather on irrational and animalistic aversion to the names the candidates were born with.


~ by norealname on June 29, 2008.

One Response to “What’s in a name? that which we call a presidential candidate…”

  1. I would not vote for Obama, even if he were not named for Muhammad’s horse. So you don’t have to worry. Just the fact that he is a Marxist is enough. It is not just his name.

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