Why I Favored Hillary

With Hillary Clinton’s concession, it seems that Barack Obama has become the presumptive Democratic nominee for the presidential race. There was a point in time when I supported Obama over Clinton. However, that changed a while ago. You see, when discussing the primary elections with someone, I mentioned that I favored Obama. “Why not Hillary Clinton?” I was asked. “Because she’s a woman?”

Then it hit me. The reason why I supported Obama over Clinton had nothing to do with Clinton’s disingenuousness. It had nothing to do with with her shady tactics. It had nothing to do with her voting record. It had nothing to do with her claims that, if provoked, she would nuke Iran. It had nothing to do with the number of people who vehemently hate her, making her a less viable candidate. It had everything to do with her gender.

You see, like most women, Hillary Clinton is female. This is why I, at first, disliked her. In our manocentric phallocracy, women are discouraged from participating in politics. They are sometimes seen as less rational and more emotional than men. What if she goes shoe shopping instead of signing laws and protecting national security? What if she paints the White House pink? What if she falls in love with Vladamir Putin? I must have been subliminally thinking these things. Why else would I not support a candidate who happens to be female?

So, with great sadness, I morn the loss of Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate. Maybe someday our nation will be able to see past petty things like gender and elect a president solely because she is a woman.


~ by norealname on June 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Why I Favored Hillary”

  1. So you switched your support to Hillary because she’s a woman, not because she was the better candidate? How is that not sexism?

  2. http://goesdownbitter.wordpress.com/2008/06/07/concession-speech/

    If enough women follow Hillary’s lead and vote for Obama, he will win. If not, then McCain will win.

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