A Case for the Legalization of Treason

In the United States of America, we claim to have affection for the Founding Fathers. We celebrate their birthdays. Their portraits grace statehouses and elementary school classrooms. Their intentions are considered in the interpretation of the Constitution. Yet, no matter how much we profess to revere them, we fail to honor our Founding Fathers in one important respect. The very thing that the United States was founded upon is against the law; that is, treason.

When the Fathers of our nation came together and saw the horrible atrocities of British taxation, they did the only sensible thing: violently overthrow the government. Even though this revolution is celebrated today, a modern day revolt against the government would probably result in a sentence of death. How can this be? How can we so dishonor our great heritage?

That is why I propose a constitutional amendment that not only makes treason legal, but requires all citizens to commit treason under penalty of law. The punishment for being caught not levying war against these United States shall be at most five consecutive death sentences (fair punishment for dishonoring our great nation). I, of course, propose the amendment instead of raising an army to usurp power because such a revolution would be illegal.

Congress, please do your part to legalize and enforce treason, the very foundation of our government. It is what the Founders intended. And anyone who disagrees with me is a traitor.

On a related note, I would like to propose adding the visage of one of our nations’ greatest men, Benedict Arnold, to a denomination of our currency. In addition to leading the fledgling United States to victory in several battles during the Revolution, he committed treason by plotting to hand over West Point to the British. By becoming a traitor, Arnold was reaffirming the ideals that America was founded on. He deserves to become part of the Pantheon of great American heroes.

~ by norealname on June 5, 2008.

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