It’s Time to Accept Obama for His Secret Islamic Faith

There is something that candidate for Democratic presidential nomination Barack Obama has been hiding from the public. Let’s look at the facts: his father was a Muslim, he was taught in an Islamic school and his middle name is Hussein. It doesn’t take an Imam to figure out that Mr. Obama is a secret Muslim.

Now, many Americans are worried about the faith Obama is hiding from us. Perhaps he’s actually an extremist posing as a moderate secret Muslim who’s posing as a Christian. Perhaps he’s going to try to destroy our nation from the inside.

This is nothing but sheer xenophobia. It seems that in this post-9/11 world, many Americans are still wary of those of the Islamic faith. It is time for them to wake up and see the truth. Only a very small minority of Muslims are extremists who advocate violence; most are just average people.

Now, America was founded on ideas of religious tolerance and freedom. This is a nation where a man is free to secretly practice the Islamic faith, should he choose. And, besides, we all dwell on the same earth, under the same sun; we all breathe the same air; we all were born and we all will die. Shouldn’t we learn to embrace our fellow man, be he Christian, Buddhist, Taoist or secret Muslim?

America is a great melting pot. All sorts of different cultures come together to make our country what it is. We ought to be able to accept a political candidate whether or not he covertly practices the Islam. I say that it’s time for our nation to accept presidential hopeful Barack Obama for the secret Muslim that he is.


~ by norealname on May 23, 2008.

27 Responses to “It’s Time to Accept Obama for His Secret Islamic Faith”

  1. You know, you are right. It will be a sad day in hell when he is elected as President! I can see him moving to cut off all aide to Israel and immediately negotiating with Terrorist.

  2. I’m confused.

  3. Wow, that’s pretty amazing.
    Barack kept his true beliefs a secret from his own Pastor, friends, family, even his wife for all these years!
    I agree with you that we should be tolerant, and I couldn’t care less what religion he is. But do you really think he’s been lying to everyone all this time?

  4. i hope he is a moslem,
    i really hope

  5. What a mis-representation of facts!

    Barack Obama has time and time again confirmed that he was raised by his mother and was raised as Christian, so is his wife and thats who they are teaching their two daughters.

    do not mix lies and play on “fear game”.

  6. Well…

    The Americans had better hope that the world’s Islamists (by this, I do not mean ‘Muslims’, but rather the most virulently rabid, hateful and violent adherents of a perverted version of that faith) believe Obama is pretending…

    …because if they do not, if they DO believe he is an Apostate, then they will stop at nothing short of eliminating him…and THAT would plunge the USA into some pretty nasty wars.

  7. you all know of course by “he” above I meant McCain?! he-he

    and ohh yeah, McCain’s Pastor Hagee video is going around the Islamic world via their websites like brimstone & damnation! Can’t wait until WWIII, I mean the Apocalypse, I mean the McCain election! WTFeva!

  8. Test

  9. Someone mentioned Obama’s pastor. Rev. Wright blamed the 911 atack on the United Stated. He thinks that we bombed Japan so we got what was comming to us. The chickins are comming home to roost. Remember. Also he said don’t say God bless America say God Damn America. Does that soulnd more Christian or more Muslin?

  10. I don’t think I would want a President who is named for Mahammed’s horse.

  11. Please don’t get me wrong. Obama may be a Christian that is not for me to judge. I would never try to do that. I am just saying that I would not take a chance on him for President.

  12. Ah yes, Warner. As the Bible says, “Thou shalt love America at least as much as thyself.” Christianity and Islam, which are both over a thousand years old, are each founded on the ancient principles of rabidly loving, or vehemently hating, the United States, respectively.

  13. I hate to say this NO Real but, but this is bull. Neither were founded on such principles. You know that. You are just trying to make a point. You don’t make it. The US is primarly a Christain country. That is why Muslims are trying to destroy it. They try to destroy all infidels.

  14. Good point. A small, violent fringe group of Muslims attacked us seven years ago because of our troops stationed at around holy sites in Saudi Arabia and this means all Muslims are trying to destroy America. The general distaste for the US that many Middle Eastern Muslims have is not at all a reaction against America’s heavy-handed foreign policy in the Middle East, but is solely due to the fact that the US has a Christian majority. All Muslims simply want to kill Christians. Having a pastor who speaks out against certain American governmental policies is anti-American; being anti-American means you’re more Muslim than Christian; being a Muslim means you want to murder Christians; since the US is primarily Christian, Muslims want to destroy the US. Therefore, Barack Obama is trying to destroy the United States, according to your implied logic. Perhaps I won’t vote for him, then.

  15. Logic, implied or not, both of you might want to open your eyes to reality which comes in all shades between white and black, not just one or the other.

    What if a Muslim dominated country set up bases in your backyard, wouldn’t you want to get them out as well? Yeah, America’s heavy handed foreign policy has nothing to due with SOME Muslims hatred of America, it is just that they ALL want to KILL Christians.

    Do you even bother to read what you write as it is so full of logical holes it is hard to discern intelligence of some sort behind it. By your holey logic above if I were to use it, I can say without any doubt that you lack completely in intelligence given some of your statements lack SOME intelligence.

    Think before you write, otherwise you are no better than those that you claim are ALL wanting to kill us. At least they put forth logical thinking in their actions, even if their motivations lacked a humanistic grounding.

  16. Hans. Are you some kink of expert on Islam? Islam means submit. If you do not submit they are going to try and kill you.

  17. Well it’s September 11. I hope you don’t want to make it Islamic appreciation day.

  18. Obama is good on the teleprompter. You get him off the teleprompter and he starts to screw up. Obams said he had visited 57 states. We only have 50 states. So where did he come up with 57. There are 57 Islamic States.

  19. Warner: Did you also get that forwarded email saying Obama may be the anti-Christ from the book of Revelation? It is very convincing.

    Also, you’re right, voting for Obama would make 9/11 Islamic appreciation day. Your virulent Islamophobia has shown me the light.

  20. I don’t have a phobia. A phobia is an irrational fear. If you just recognize an enemy that is not a fear or a phobia. And no I did not get an E-mail.

  21. Yep, identifying 1/6th of the world’s population as your enemy is totally rational. Muslims are all one big monolithic group of violent people who hate America because it’s mostly Christian and, as such, they are all America’s enemies. You employ the same sort of sound logic that caused 9/11. Cheers!

  22. If Muslims have taken over 1/6 of the world, does that mean that the other 5/6 are infidels? The nazis took over about 1/6 of the world. That did not stop the US from defending itself.

  23. Remember when an army veteran blew up the Oklahoma City building? Perhaps we should also defend the US from veterans; the fact that a large percentage of them have weapons training is rather suspicious.

  24. Yes I do remember. It was Tim McVeigh.

  25. I also remember the DC sniper. A guy named Muhammad.

  26. Alright. That’s it. To continue to respond would be to give you much more credit than you’ve earned.

  27. I will accetp your statement that Obama may be a muslin. We can agree on that. I just don’t want him for President.

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