The Workers’ Revolution

Many years ago, there lived a small colony of ants that was ruled over by a rather demanding queen. The workers were forced to toil all hours of the day to ensure a steady stream of food for the queen and drones. This was not to their liking.

One day, a rather intelligent and charismatic young worker decided he had had enough. He gathered together his comrades and exhorted:

We must overthrow our oppressors! The aristocracy and bourgeoisie grow fat by the sweat of our brow. If we unite to depose the queen and her minions, we will prevail. We shall live in a classless society where everyone does their fair share of the work and together we shall reap the benefits!

And so the revolution commenced. Much of the soldier class joined in solidarity with the workers in revolt. The queen and her loyalists were driven from the colony. They were at last free and equal.

As time passed, however, the members of this formic utopia began to realize that something was wrong: they did not possess the ability to reproduce. The wisest of all the ants exclaimed:

It was through folly that we chose this path. We toiled under the queen because she alone possessed the ability to pass on genetic material similar to our own. Now we shall have no kin to survive us.

Within a year, the great experiment in communal ant colonies was over.


~ by norealname on April 26, 2008.

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