The Young Man and the Sea

A long time ago a bold, adventurous young man lived on the shores of the Great Sea. For as long as anyone could remember, the men of this village had been fishers. But this young man was not content with a simple fisherman’s way of life, and he yearned to discover what lay beyond the water. However, since childhood, he had been warned of ancient monsters that lurked just beneath the surface waiting for ships to stray too far from the coast. But this young man had been out to sea many times and began to doubt the veracity of the these tales.

One day the young man decided that he did not believe these silly old stories and that he would go out to sea to explore. When he told this to the village elders, the elders responded:

You know of the danger that lay beyond the shores. Great fish will swallow you whole if you sail beyond the horizon. Journeying out there is not wise.

And to this, the young man replied:

These are simply tales meant to scare children. I shall go out to sea and will return to tell everyone of my travels.

So the young man set out on his journey at dawn. The water was calm and the wind carried him along quickly. His village soon became just a dot on the horizon. As the village disappeared from sight, the young man said to himself:

No large fish have come to swallow me up. I am vindicated.

Within only a few hours a new shoreline appeared in the distance. The young man was overjoyed. Just then, unfortunately, a monstrous fish came up from beneath the waves and swallowed the young man and his boat whole.


~ by norealname on April 23, 2008.

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