The Elder’s Wisdom

There lived an elder monk in the monastery just down the road from our little village. This elder was known throughout our homeland for his great wisdom and the faithful would travel from afar to simply hear his words. One day, a brash, young unbeliever decided to attempt to shake the elder’s convictions.

“If you’re so wise,” asked the young man, “then who created the universe?”

“It was, of course, our Lord God in Heaven,” calmly replied the elder.

“Well, if God created the universe,” continued the unbeliever, “then who created God?”

“…but I’ve…” stammered the elder, “…I’ve never thought of it that way! You, sir, are truly the wisest of all!”

And so the elder left his life in the Church and joined a rock band.


~ by norealname on April 21, 2008.

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