The Path to True Happiness

A poor farmer approached the wise man and asked:

I am unsettled. I cannot rest when thinking ‘will my crops grow?’ The season of the floods approaches and I am afraid my home and all of my things will be washed away. How do I bring peace to myself?

The wise man slipped into contemplation. A novice monk interjected:

You must not put your faith in things material. Your house, your possessions and, yes, even you will one day be gone. Therefore, you must turn inward to have true peace.

The wise man, after much reflection, rebuked the novice monk:

No, it is not spiritual enlightenment that makes you happy; it is things.

And to the farmer:

Gather up as many possessions as you can and you will be at one with the universe.

The farmer then thanked the wise man and went off on his journey of discovering true happiness.

~ by norealname on April 14, 2008.

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