Afternoon. EVERYMAN stumbles through the GARDEN. GOD waits by a BOOKSHELF.

GOD: At last, EVERYMAN, you have found your CREATOR.

EVERYMAN: [aside] Do my eyes deceive me? [to GOD] Is it truly you, O LORD?

GOD: Verily it is. All of your LIFE has lead up to this moment.

EVERYMAN: Tell me, LORD, what shall I do to be rewarded in the AFTERLIFE?

GOD: O EVERYMAN, gaze upon these tomes upon my shelf. One of these volumes contains all the answers you need. Choose wisely, for the incorrect choice shall bring your DOWNFALL.

EVERYMAN: Why, O LORD, must I choose from among these manuscripts? Can you not reveal to me the TRUTH?

GOD: I gave up on direct revelations a few thousand years ago. I can’t just go about revealing the TRUTH to everyone. No, you must guess which book is right or face eternal damnation.

EVERYMAN: When I find this volume, the TRUTH shall shine as bright as the SUN in midday!

GOD: Actually, it’s rather vague and confusing and written in an archaic tongue. If you want it in your own language, the translation will be riddled with errors and all subtleties will be lost. Also, there will be many possible interpretations and only the correct one shall lead to SALVATION.

EVERYMAN: So being GOOD and CHARITABLE is not enough?

GOD: No.

EVERYMAN: So I must correctly guess the one TRUE PATH without the slightest aid from a higher power or else I will face gruesome punishment for all ETERNITY?

GOD: Yes.


EVERYMAN looks over the SHELF and chooses a BOOK.

GOD: You have made your selection and you shall discover your fate only after your meeting with DEATH. Until then, EVERYMAN, you must return to your DUTIES. Good luck!

EVERYMAN: Great. Thanks.


~ by norealname on April 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “from The TRAGICAL HISTORY of EVERYMAN – GOD”

  1. Hmmm… thought provoking!


  2. I like it!

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