The ANT and the FLY

There lived a FLY who all SUMMER ate but did not WORK. An ANT said to the FLY:

You must gather food for the WINTER, or else you will STARVE.

To this, the FLY responded:

There is plenty of food to eat. I will surely not STARVE.

So for the rest of the season, the ANT and his companions gathered GRAIN for the WINTER, while the FLY ate and did not prepare for the lean months. When the snows hit and food was scarce, the FLY had nothing to eat. He asked the ANT for food. The ANT replied:

You had all SUMMER to ready yourself for WINTER. I shall lend you NOTHING.

So the FLY starved while the ANTS ate what they had stored. When the following SUMMER arrived, the GRAIN that the ANTS normally gathered did not appear. The ANTS, with nothing to eat, STARVED.


~ by norealname on April 6, 2008.

One Response to “The ANT and the FLY”

  1. You might enjoy the fable “The Grashopper, The Ant and The Beaver” by John Robson. It can be found on under the ‘columns’ button.

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