Pulling up EVIL by the ROOT


It is written that the love of MONEY is the root of all EVIL. As such, it can be inferred that SATAN, the LORD of the UNDERWORLD, has involved himself in an otherworldly pyramid scheme. O you who read this, take heed! Do not do as the GREED-DRIVEN do! Stop thinking only of COIN! Put down your MILTON FRIEDMAN! To love MONEY is to become like the WRETCHED ONE who gnashes his teeth in the LAKE of FIRE!

If only MONEY were done away with! THEN, according to a strict literal interpretation of the AUTHORIZED VERSION of the BIBLE, all EVIL would cease! O PEOPLE, WE MUST DISMISS CURRENCY! BARTERING FOR GOODS AND SERVICES SHALL BRING FORTH THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH!

~ by norealname on April 5, 2008.

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